1st Concert

First snow 050117

19.22 13–1–2017

This week is a good one. Today is Tag der Offnen Tor or we say Open house, the day that primary student come and also the old student come and visit teacher. I started my day with oatmeal and warm water because I have sore throat. While I were walking to the class, I met one of my classmate and we had a small talk. She asked me ‘Can you understand what we’re saying’ okay, to be honest I understand them. It’s kind of I know what they are talking about and the topic, but I don’t know every single words what they say.

The first class is music. Normal, I play Schlagzeug, but today my friend has sore throat too. So I have to sing. We practiced follow the concert list:

-Solo from the drum

-Lemon tree

-Guitar solo ‘Stiches’ of Shawn Mendes

-‘Pillow talk’ of Zayn Malik

-Piano solo ‘Faded’ of Alan Walker

-‘Do you wanna build a snowman’ of Frozen

I have only 1 round practice, but I think it goes well. However, my throat still sored, but actually, it was okay which means it’s not getting worse. Then I had Deutsch with grade 7. We learned about the grammatic. Today I had math test and it went well. I walked back home and I had to come back at 15.45at the music room. So we could practice the concert before we started the real one at 16.30.

We played 3 round at 16.30, 17.30 and 18.00 for 15 minutes. I also recorded the video in the first and third time. Everything went well. Our teacher and friends attended the concert. The atmosphere s really heart=warming. For me, The first concert went not so good maybe it’s because it’s our first time in public and we forgot the lyrics. It’s quite different in Thailand because in Thailand, you only got a chance to be singer of the band needed to be the perfect singer, but here teacher just asked who want to sing then you be to singer. You don’t have to be perfect and just practice. When we finished the concert, we could go back home. I met my grade 7 friend, Petra. She was helping the French’s room. She made me do the quiz of France. I just know that Berlin’s TV tower is 367meter high and Eiffel tower’s height is 300 Meter. She also helped me do the quiz as I told you, she’s nice.

Thank you for good vibes,


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