When a white person says “It’s not about race,” they are pretty much always saying it when a Black person, or a Latino person, or a Muslim person is not acting the way a white European would act or wants them to act.
It’s Not About Race!
John Metta

So let’s say I’m on the subway with my 6 year old daughter mid-day on a Saturday in August. Sitting across from us are a teenage boy and a teenage girl. They are sucking face and he’s feeling her up under her shirt. Ten feet away, a teenage girl is cursing out an elderly woman who asked her to turn her music down. This goes on for ten minutes at high decibels.

According to you, if I have a problem with any of this, it isn’t about race UNLESS I’M WHITE and the three teens are not white. According to you, it’s “pretty much always” about race if I’m white.

Kindly advise me, at your earliest convenience, as to those things I have approval to find objectionable without being considered a racist.

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