How I became a member of the Illuminati on Twitter

My super real Illuminati certificate

Hi, what’s up since the last time?
On my side, nothing really new, except the fact I’m now a member of the Illuminati.

I’m not used to answer to private messages from random strangers on Twitter but hey, it’s Friday, I decided to answer to @johngronski3, I was not deceived…

A BRIEF INTRODUCTION The Illuminati is an elite organization of world leaders, business authorities, innovators, artists, and other influential members of this planet. Our coalition unites influencer of all political, religious, and geographical backgrounds to further the prosperity of the human species as a whole

Something interesting here: this guy sends the introduction very quickly which shows that this guy copy paste this text from a document.

Can you swear your loyalty to the brotherhood

Notice the vocabulary: “worthy”, “brotherhood”, “loyalty”, “generous”, “poor”. He will reuse these words a lot.

There is no way to going back

He will ask me to commit myself to what I said, multiple times. It’s a well know way in communication to get the attention and to force the listener to be deeply involved.

At this point, I smell something:
- This guy is copy pasting a text from a document
- He is well organised
- English is not his native language
- The syntax and the vocabulary used reminds me the recruiting process of a sect
My goal is simple, I want to have as much info as I can (email, names, websites, …)

Did you notice the : at the beginning? Again, probably a copy paste.

Yeah! I will be in the same club than Jay-Z and Bernie Sanders!

The last text block is coming from the same document, title in capital letters and text after that.

you will have money, fame, power and you will be happy for all the days of your life, you will be problem free

Sounds interesting, no?

I asked his document, but he didn’t want to answer :/

I’m only answering ok, this is intended. He is putting a lot of effort trying to convince me to join his little club. Notice the loyalty is back.

The Illuminati can help me to invest in the business of my choice…cool, cool, cool…

My new friend want my info. Ok why not.

Haha, I don’t think my friend know Mr Robot.

Yeah! I am an Illuminati! I want my member card. Humm, he will send me my certificate in few hours. Spoiler: He will send me the certificate few minutes after.

Put on black t shirt 3 times in a week

I’m laughing so hard after that.

This is official now! I am a member!

They have a secret blog but I have to wait 2 months, sniff.

Oh, they have grandmaster from the US who is using Hangout and email. I want to discuss with my new master.

This guy is posting these texts in the conversation, even if it is out of topic.

So, he is pretending to be MG John Gronski. In reality, the Maj. Gen. John L. Gronski is the Deputy Commanding General in the U.S. Army Europe (Army National Guard). He is real Twitter account is @MGGronski.

The handle of Mister Con man is @JohnGronski3. Maybe @JohnGronski1 and @JohnGronski2 are related to my new brother.

Here we come, the grandmaster will assign me a task. I will probably need to send money to someone.

he is spiritual and powerful

Be nice with the grandmaster, he is spiritual and powerful.

Apparently, the Illuminati has temples in 13 countries included the US.

The grandmaster is using Gmail. This discussion is going nowhere, it’s time for me to have fun!

I mean don’t ask too much question

He is smelling something ;)

Big news: The Illuminati killed Mickael Jackson.
Time to end the game, this guy is making death threats now. Funny thing, this guy with a protected profile blocked me after that…

🇫🇷 Hacker. Fight disinformation at Predicta Lab. Not completely schizophrenic. Not related to USANetwork.

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