Tchap: The super (not) secure app of the French government

On Wednesday 17th April 2019, the French Government launched a messaging application called “Tchap”. The day of the launch a lot of articles appeared:

  • “Tchap : The government launch a messaging app more secure than Telegram”
  • “With Tchap, the government want to replace Telegram and WhatsApp”

When I saw these titles, I remembered my work on Kimbho, an Indian app which was suppose to be the new WhatsApp. Spoiler: It didn’t end well for Kimbho

It’s 9am, I decided to analyse the app, you know… just to see if I can find something. My goal was to spend only 1 hour on it.

I downloaded the app from the PlayStore, the current version was 1.0.22_a. As always, I started to use the app as a normal user to see the available functionalities. Argh, in order to create an account, you need to have a or email address. I have my first goal: create an account without having an or email address.

I decompiled the app and did the usual static analysis. Rapidly, I found out that the app is open source.

This app is a fork of the Riot Android app. is a messaging app made by Matrix. They love open source, me too!

It’s time for the dynamic analysis. They implemented certificate pinning in the app. Of course, you can disable it with Frida ;) During the registration process, the app request a token

Depending of your email address, it will use the “correct” id_server. All the available servers are defined in the AndroidManifest.xml:


I set id_server to For info, Elysée is the French presidential palace. As I choose this server I guessed I should have an email address. So, in the requestToken request, I modified email to Hum, no validation email in my inbox…

Wait, maybe it is waiting a known email address. So I did a Google search “email”

So I did another try and in the requestToken request and I modified email to Bingo! I received an email from Tchap, I was able to validate my account!

*hacker voice*: I’m in.

I am logged as an Elysée employee and I had access to the public rooms.

Funny thing: an employee of the Ministry of Agriculture created a “Yellow room” for “people who loves the yellow”.

Pro-tip: Stay professional in a professional messaging app (Did I really need to say that, seriously?)

9:00 am: Beginning of the analysis
10:15 am: Holy f***! I’m in
10:35 am: I gave some phone calls in order to contact the French government employee in charge of Tchap.
11:19 am: I disclosed the details of the vulnerability to the Matrix security team.
2:00 pm: Matrix fixed the issue on the Tchap backend
5:42 pm: Phone call with French government officials
7:48 pm: Matrix published a blog post to explain the security issue in details

Press Coverage

- Patch made by Matrix to fix the issue

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Update 19/04/19 11h54: I published a technical thread on Twitter to explain the vulnerability in details.

The parseaddr method from the Python email.utils module is RFC compliant but it’s not doing the job correctly. An issue on the Python bug tracker is opened since 2018–07–19…

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