Leadership Pasadena

On Saturday, Caltech Racing was proud to host Leadership Pasadena on campus in a presentation of sustainability and student engineering. Leadership Pasadena is a program to educated citizens of the Pasadena area about leadership and opportunities in the community. They bring many diverse segments of the community together to answer the question: “How can we, the people of Pasadena, help the city and community become better at improving itself?” 
Along with developing sustainable engineering solutions to the current transportation challenges, Caltech Racing aims to educate and promote its findings to the local and global community to students, faculty and anyone interested in the next generation of vehicles. Thus, this Saturday was a great event. The team was able to discuss its history and passion for sustainable vehicles as well as how we have been able to grow 10x, learning many leadership skills along the way: project management, risk mitigation, systems engineering, and design iteration processes to name a few. The members of Caltech Racing were very excited to share their work with others and hope to have many more opportunities like this in the future.

Jake Harmon, the team technical lead talks about the team’s growth and organization.
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