Winter 2016 Midterms Design Review

On Thursday February 11, Caltech Racing held a RevA Design Review of all critical systems. In a fashion similar to the Design Presentation at the FSAE Competition, we invited industry experts to a poster presentation exhibit to help give feedback on our progress. With over 40 students and around 10 judges, the second floor of Gates-Thomas was bustling with intense discussion until after 9:00pm that night. This comes as our third design review this year, following a requirements review for our first term midterm in October 2015 and a design review for our first term final in December 2015.

Overall, we have made significant progress as a first year team. However, there is still much to be done. We aim to have a running prototype vehicle by mid-March to get early testing data before we refine our design for competition. Ultimately, we have an aggressive schedule to create a competitive team in our first year, effectively combining three years of work into one. We are currently in our Manufacturing phase as we will be finishing up the frame this week and attaching all of our mounting brackets shortly thereafter.

We would like to extend a big thank you to all our advisors and supporters for helping us to continue developing our design and our engineering education.

Rob Anderson starting off the poster sessions
Evan Sloan (Mechanical Division Lead) explaining our design
Hardware Crew Presenting their current progress
Hardware Crew showcases their progress to our faculty advisor
Hardware Development Boards!
Vitals Crew showcasing our live pit crew application
Firmware Crew
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