7 Easy steps to being a successful fsbo

You want to save the HUGE real estate agent fees when you sell your house, but you are afraid there is too much work involved in being a FSBO, right? Read this article and you will see that you have the same amount of work to do whether you hire a real estate agent or you do it yourself. And, remember, by saving the 6% real estate agent commission, you will be financially rewarded for your hard work.

1. Get your home ready for listing. You are going to have to do the work required to get your house in “showing” condition whether you have an agent or not. An agent may ell you the things you need to spruce up, but you are going to have to do the work. So, let’s get to it: look at your home critically, bring out the paint brushes, hire a handyman for odds and ends, and Clean, Clean, Clean every inch of your house. And don’t forget the outside. After all, if your property doesn’t have ‘curb appeal’ people won’t even want to come in to see the inside.

2. Sign Up With fsboTECH. You will need wide visibility for your property, so sign up with fsboTECH for a free MLS listing. Not only that, but your property will also be sent out to dozens of other websites, like Realtor, Zillow, Redfin, Homes, and dozens of others. Buyers will easily find you with this broad reach on the internet.

3. Set a Competitive Price for Your Home. Too many people who sell their homes on their own think their house is somehow ‘special’ and deserving of more money than others in the neighborhood. Remember, you are not paying real estate agent fees, so your house should actually be priced lower than other comparable homes in the neighborhood. If your home is newly and completely updated, you will command a bit more than others, but the key is to be realistic. fsboTECH can provide you with a detailed report of homes in your neighborhood that have recently sold so that you can clearly evaluate where your price should be.

4. Get Ready for Professional Photos of your Home. Included in the fsboTECH fee are 20 professional photographs. To be sure your home looks appealing in the photos, think “de-clutter” in each and every room. Put away all family photographs, put your cute ‘collections’ away in boxes, and remove everything from counters and tables. Leave only pretty fresh flowers or an interesting coffee-table book. Browse beautiful homes on the website Houzz to see how to make your home look like a model home.

5. Let People Know Your House is For Sale. Start with the stylish yard sign provided by fsboTECH. Lots of people drive around neighborhoods they like to see if there are any homes for sale, so be sure to get that sign up. After all, it’s included in the fsboTECH fee, so why not? Then, use your social media outlets to let your friends know that your house is on the market. Friends of friends might be in the market for a house, so get the word out.

6. Host Some Open Houses. Notify fsboTECH that you are planning an Open House or two and we will get the dates and times out to MLS and all the other internet websites. So, all those people looking on Zillow will know they can come visit your beautiful home this weekend at the Open House.

7. Insist that Buyers Use the fsboTECH Offer/Counter-Offer on-line system when they are ready to make you an Offer. Even if a Buyer is represented by a real estate agent, have the Buyer (or agent) use the fsboTECH system to send you an offer. You can go back and forth with our point-and-click system as many times as you’d like until both sides are satisfied with the deal. Then, your agreement will automatically be transferred into the 2-page fsboTECH Purchase Agreement, ready for both parties to digitally sign. The Agreement is straightforward and easy to understand, not anything like the Purchase Contract you would receive from a real estate agent. Insist on the simplicity of the fsboTECH Agreement, you’ll be glad you did!

Selling as a FSBO is really not that hard after all, is it? If you are committed to selling your house, you’ve got some work to do to get your house ready, but then the power of the internet will take over for you. fsboTECH was created specifically to help FSBOs, so let’s get selling!


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