Making tracks

We’re the agile team delivering content for the Fast Stream Conference 2017, Digital: Definition Unknown. We’re working in the open in 2-week sprints, and we’re using a Trello board to track our work.

Thanks to hundreds of responses, we’ve now got enough data from our survey to start making some strong conclusions.

Here’s what we learned

The top three choices were unanimous: Fast Streamers from every cohort and every stream felt that digital and security, digital and data, and digital and policy were the key themes. The fourth, however, was a bone of contention.

Also, 2015 starters are really keen to know about security.

As a consequence, we’ve made a decision to make agile the fourth theme. We’ve done this because we believe that Fast Streamers further through their journey have a better idea of the user need. As a consequence, we’re weighting their responses slightly more. Our themes, or tracks, for this conference are:

  • Data
  • Policy
  • Security
  • Agile

We’d like to take a moment to thank everyone for their responses to this survey. More than a quarter of respondents said they were interested in getting involved; as we get closer to the date we know that we’ll need help to make sure everything happens.

Here’s what (else) we learned

  • Government Communications, Government Operational Research, and Human Resources Fast Streamers rate themselves highest, but…
  • Only one Government Communications Fast Streamer filled in the survey!
  • The average Fast Streamer grades themselves a 3 on a scale of 0 to 5
  • Only two people admitted having zero digital skills
  • However, ten people reckon they “live and breathe digital”
  • (one of those people accidentally filled out the survey twice)
  • The more junior you are, the more likely you are to pick digital + communications. More than 60% of the 2016 cohort picked this option, compared to 53% of those who joined in 2015 and only 31% of those who joined before that.
  • The inverse is true of security — 71% of 2016; 75% of 2015; and 82% of pre-2015 Fast Streamers feel they need to know more about digital + security
  • Fast Streamers may not be modest about their digital skills, but they care deeply about the culture of our organisation, and want to push themselves and others to learn and improve.

And one thing we didn’t

We still don’t know how to cosplay digital.

Hours wasted on this: too many to count

What’s next?

We’ll be presenting this data, as well as other cool things we’ve been working on, at our retrospective on our Sprint 2 Review. If you’d like to come along, you can find details on our calendar.

And now that we’ve revealed the tracks for the conference, we’d like to hear from experts in those fields. If you’d like to speak to the future leaders of government about data, security, agile or policy, get in touch: email, leave a comment below, or send us a tweet: @fsconference17

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