#WeAreHere: Middle School Voices
Lakota Children

These children are wise beyond their years. It is sad that they have had to be exposed to the problems and pains that they have been forced to deal with. I am a small part Cherokee, and am therefore not that familiar with reservation life. I am saddened by what my race has done to the Native Americans who were here first. I am ashamed as a matter of fact. There is little as an individual that I can do for my brothers and sisters, because I am not famous or well known. The one thing that I can do is pray for you all, and I will do that. I have fourteen years experience working in a forensic mental health state hospital as a security officer, and so have some understanding of the pressures that are exerted on someone who is inexperienced and not ready for them. A person can be beat down very quickly, and those people who are around that person are not always aware of the signs that are present at the start, when it might be easier to help divert that person from walking/running down that path. Given the pressures that are lived with, you all need to be alert to the signs, if you are going to, or want to help someone in distress. Please learn what to look for, because life is precious. These children are amazing, truly amazing.

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