(Why) The English-Speaking World is the New Soviet Union
umair haque

Your ignorance is showing. Capitalism practiced in Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan are far more free than in the US. Are you saying the regulated capitalism of the US is failing, or the unregulated capitalism of the east?

The failure of experts is nothing new. maybe you are too young to recall the many experts who predicted societal collapse because of overpopulation. They were everywhere! I lived through that. Club of Rome, predicted deaths in the hundreds of millions. That is where the idea for Soylent Green came from. They were all so very wrong. Yet they are all still around, still in power, still in government, and still making absurd proclamations, just like you.

I do agree that we can have a good healthcare system. Taiwan and Hong Kong both have government paid healthcare that is working, more or less. Canada and the UK have government health care that is kind of working, but barely. And yes, we can get DMV type government health care here too. But it requires the will of the people. And so far, there is no will. However in your fevered imagination you conflate that with a soviet style collapse? How silly you are.

Capitalism is the one invention that allowed all of the rest. It has enabled progress, proven that slavery was inferior to a motivated and paid workforce, raised our standard of living, improved our health. And, provided we ignore drivel like you have written here, Capitalism will allow us to reach for the stars, and get off this planet.

The future is always better than the past. We may take a step backwards now and then, but generally progress has been steady, regular and unrelenting.

Mr. Umair Haque, take a deep breath, count to 10, exhale. Things will be just fine. Capitalism will provide because it enables human creativity, innovation and rewards the human spirit.

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