Break the pattern……..

“When patterns are broken, new world emerge.”

The key factor of breaking a bad pattern to create a new one is self awareness. Your subconscious mind is programmed to what you’ve been comfortable with until you become aware and set a milestone to change that bad habit into a good habit.

10 years ago I’ve decided to go into this entrepreneurial journey to create a better lifestyle. I believe all of us have that same goal, same destination; just different path. I set a goal 10 years ago and every year I set a milestone; a yearly target to get closer to my ultimate goal. Now, I haven’t reached my destination yet, but I’ve decided and committed to enjoy the journey, I embraced the struggles.

Make that decision today; whatever goal(s) you set to enjoy the process. To break that bad habit write down all the things you’ve been accustomed to and create a plan around it to make the change — create a baby steps to eliminate those bad habits and keep taking that steps until it becomes a new habit. Your subconscious mind will pick up the new habit and disrupt the pattern to make a new one.

Thank you for reading this blog. I hope you picked up a bit of information and add value to help make a difference in your life’s journey. I wanted to share this piece of nuggets with you that help me with my journey. I am no professional motivational speaker nor a celebrity. I’m not even a multi millionaire(yet), but I am on this journey to create a better lifestyle and to make a difference in the world. If you’re in that same journey then let’s work together to create our ideal world.

My name is Fernando Serrano, and I am a businessman. Currently I’m focusing on Real estate, growing my investment portfolio as well as helping clients grow theirs. If you find this blog valuable, follow me as I will be sharing more and it would be greatly appreciated if you share this as I am looking to grow my followers and meet amazing people who are on the same path.

Stay tune for my platform….. For now, you can connect with me here. A mentor once told me: “if someone truly wants to connect with you, they’ll find you.”

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