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Around 2010, I met someone who was recently let go. He was a designer at a design agency in Dubai. I asked him if the decision to be made redundant was based on economic reasons. He said ‘No’

The agency I worked for has a dastard approach. Whenever someone goes on leave, they try to restructure the company and distribute the work load in order to fill the gap. If the new structure worked, then whoever is on leave is really not adding much of value to the output capacity and get fired. Can you believe it?’

So regardless how…

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Tight budgets, originality, and the disappearing freelancer.

First of all, I want to be clear about what I am highlighting in this article. This is not a right or wrong argument, but my case is to identify two main points:

1- When should you go for a design freelancer.
2- When is it to hire a design agency.

I have highlighted the main points in Bold so you can skim through it quickly, or you could go through each to understand the reasoning behind each point.

I have freelanced for as far as I can remember, years before and after the 2008 bubble and I even continued…

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Talking about successful brands is something heart-throbbing to us.

It is a real manifestation and living proof that what we believe in ‘is’ right and it is materializing right before our own eyes.

Whether it is branding, design, technology or all together, it is something we are always thrilled to talk about.

As a universal law, mother nature always favor the best, nothing gets carried forward unless it is ‘The Finest’ with an order of magnitude.

We, at Dynamics are firm believers in this and we are constantly working with these 6 core principles are in mind.

And here they…

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Why Mediocrity and Irrelevancy are plague of our times?

Blackberry, Nokia, Kodak, and

They are all gone, not totally, but almost entirely.

They were the №1 industry leaders once and they failed cause they didn’ not adapt fast enough.

This is exactly like waking up tomorrow on the news of Apple is shutting down.

Let that sink in for a minute. Apple is shutting down.

No one, literally, no one is exempt from failing, yet, everyone underdog can make it.

We live in a time that we can not un-invent things, like we can’t undo social media or make…

Why getting lucky isn’t enough anymore.

Quite often, I get the question ‘what makes a great brand a great brand ?’ and my answer as always ‘Everything, really everything’.

Some people get confused about this answer. Why and how? And for this reason I put below a short thought on how to create a great brand and what better than Nike as a case study.

At the age of 24, Phil Knight, a penniless fresh graduate from Stanford University, set sail for the world and ended up in Japan, in Tokyo, at the conference room of Onitsuka Tiger, one of…

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I got fired during the bubble burst in 2009 and since then I have been freelancing as a designer on short and long term contracts. During these years I started and shut down a few businesses, made lots of mistakes and many good choices too.

This is what I learned from these failing ideas, projects and startups that I was a part of from a business perspective:

1- You will only succeed in what you love doing.
Said by every living person on earth and i’m saying it again, It is what it is, “Do what you love.” You will never…

Fahad Shehadat

Fahad is a progressive Technology & Design professional. Passionate about efficiency, sustainability, and frontier technologies.

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