After a long hard day of grilling, we were finally allowed to go home. It had been a tough day with so much to learn in a limited span of time. In the next three days we were supposed to learn on our own and give output at 4:30 pm. With take away exercises to be submitted the following day at 9:00 am I went home. Along the way I met Bernard, a friend I had chanced to meet at the boot camp. We talked about how the camp had been. We could not help agree that to make it to the next level one had to work extra hard. No guts no glory, he joked. We bid farewell and part ways.

That night I did not sleep. I went right into tackling the tasks to be submitted come morning. The exercises were tough especially writing the test cases. I cracked my brain to no avail. I could only manage three test cases. It was heartbreaking. After much toil, I managed to catch a two hour sleep. I woke up the following morning my head sore for lack of enough sleep.

I dashed out of the house without taking shower or breakfast. There are no cyber cafes near where I live, so I had to commute. Time was running out and I had not submitted my tasks. After a thirty minutes’ drive I was at my favorite cyber café. I logged on to my Trello account, only to realize there were some things I had not done. I could not access the Andela Labs where some exercises had been posted. I panicked. I had not used github before, so there lay another challenge. I had to familiarize myself with the platform before I could do anything meaningful. I finally managed to create a git repository and commit my files there. I copied the link and submitted to my LPA.

I had not yet started the tasks pertaining to that day. As I did not have access to Andela Labs I conducted my LPA for assistance. I was advised to continue with other tasks before my access issue could be resolved. The questions were cumbersome, invoking deep thoughts, imagination and creativity. I had to conduct a lot of research to be able to answer some questions.

My access to Trello issue was finally resolved. I logged in to tackle the remainder of the questions. The tasks like the previous ones involved deep and logical reasoning. By this time it was already past the due submit time. Luckily, our LPA had allowed us to extend a little bit longer due to the inability to access Andela Labs by some members. I finally submitted at around 8:00pm.

The whole experience was tough. It was then that it dawned on me I had not taken anything, not even water. I felt relief. I had finally submitted my tasks. I have never worked hard and long for anything like I did with the tasks. At the end of it all I was dead beat. I had ignored all calls all day as I could not afford to be distracted from the tasks at hand. I spent the best part of the day there and as a result the cyber café bill was huge. I remember reading somewhere, Andela is not easy, it is a commitment and in many ways a sacrifice. I now truly agree with the statement. But I will soldier on. When the going gets tough, the tough get going.


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