First Day Boot Camp Experience

I had given up hope I would make it to the boot camp. Someone had told me that the invitation emails would be sent by Friday. So, when Friday had elapsed without any email invite I knew that was the end of the road for me. I went home crestfallen going over my mind over and over concerning the situation. To kill worry off and switch my mind away, I went home, after a cold shower and food inn my belly I turned to the latest movies and series. I had toiled hard to make to the interview. I finally retired to bed in the wee hours of the morning after I was tired of yawning myself to death.

I woke up at eleven o’clock the following morning. I threw the blankets aside and went to wash my face. Minutes later while taking breakfast, I put the mobile data on, to read the galore of WhatsApp messages from wedding groups I had been invited to, of which I was a quasi-member. Then a pop up came. And there before my eyes was an email from Andela. I was hesitant to open it as I had mixed reactions. It could be a rejection email or an automated email for a pool of their subscribers. Come what may. I opened it. And there it was I had been invited to the boot camp.

So, come Monday I woke up early as usual my norm during week days. I didn’t know what to expect. I knew people who had made it to the boot camp were geniuses. I was afraid. I could not help panic. I arrived at around 7: 20 am. The place was quiet. I softly greeted the gateman as he ushered me in with a grin across his face. I wrote my name down and the serial number of the laptop I had carried with me. I was directed to the waiting area where I found others who had also been invited to the boot camp.

They looked confident, unlike me who was busy trying not to show how tensed I was. I greeted them, then found an empty sit and put on my earphones but was not listening to anything. They were IT jargons, most of which I had no idea what they meant. I felt like a white elephant. I felt out of place. I was a knew newbie in python, but these guys knew python inside out. What a terrible notion to have for the first day, I could not help wonder. As time elapsed more and more people came. And I could not help notice that we were a very huge number.

Roughly some minutes to nine o’clock, a huge voice rendered the air. Upon looking it was a huge dark guy greeting us and calling us for a dojo. A dojo is a ninja training or something like as I came to learn. The activity was very interactive, which required keen attention to detail and information. I liked it. At least my tension left me for a while.

We were then taken to another building past Prestige shopping Centre. That was the vicinity where our training would take place. After settling down in our sits, a speaker by the name Yosea came forth. He spoke in detail about Andela, its values, visions and what they are trying to do. I was quiet taking in every instruction given. During his speech, we were encouraged to interact and know each other. It was a good bonding session and I had the chance to meet new people. As the boot camp progressed on from the speakers who spoke, I gathered that being an Andela fellow is a lot of hard work, persistence and sacrifice. My group LPA was a soft-spoken man with a technical background from JKUAT. We did a lot of things in groups, for collaboration was as key composition of their values. We were encouraged to share what we knew and not shy away from asking what we did not know.

At the end of it all learned a lot. I was no longer tensed-gripped. I was encouraged to give my best and that I won’t be judged by how much jargon I knew. The process is fast paced. I sometime find myself lagging, especially with home study exercises. As I continue with the boot camp. I will give my level best and see what comes next.

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