Invaluable Lesson

It the most exciting challenge I had to do on my own for a very long time. Learning Python. I remember a speaker at our computer science function talking about it, and I kept wondering why would someone name a programming language python of all the names out there. To brush it off I joked to myself, they must be the white “omweri” lovers.

I had gotten used to in other programming languages like java, one must end a statement with a semi-colon. Not in python. And I kept making the very error repeatedly. Not to mention indentation errors. It was like python was not so good at keeping rules, a free style language. After all it did not mind me minding the semi-colon rule I had gotten used to as a developer. A rebel without a cause I thought.

I remember all smiles I was upon writing my first python program that accepted user input. I am the man I am the man I could not help feeling so self-important. So, armed with the little knowledge I had gathered I told myself it was time to put to shame the Andela’s Proctor Lab tests. It was on a Wednesday as I can vividly remember. The tests were to be submitted the following day. My inflated ego had gotten so better of me that I thought I would rush over the tests, submit and be on my way. Then came the shocker of shockers. I could not even pass a single lab test. The joke was on me! I could not pass the physical tests let alone the behind the scene python interpreter tests.

Humility goes a long way in every aspect of our life. It was a bitter pill to swallow. I ended forfeiting my chances of joining a world class organization every IT professional out there dreams of. I could not even face my friends and tell them the truth. Learning python has taught me preparation is very important as the knowledge itself. Looking back now at the situation, I know it will be one lesson I will keep close to my heart for a very long time. I will always remember how pride made me loose an opportunity. Stay humble, stay true

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