You asked, and we listened! Check out some of the new features we’re launching to make FashionEco even more effective.

Jun 4 · 2 min read

Thank you to the 1,300+ members that have already signed up. The FashionEco team is committed to making the best career resource for Fashion Professionals in the world. We used the feedback from our successful Beta website to create the tools that our users need the most. Check out a few of the great new features you’ll have access to below!

We’ve also been upgrading the site’s appearance — here’s a sneak peek at the new design!

Collabs — One of our biggest missions is to help fashion industry professionals expand their career networks through meaningful connections. We all know it takes a team to create amazing photoshoots, runway shows, media productions, and more. Sometimes branching out and finding the right people can be challenging — especially when you’re just starting out. That’s why we’re introducing collabs — you can post your collabs or search for collab opportunities in your area!

Alerts — Never miss a great opportunity! How many times have you seen a photoshoot, event, or casting call that you missed — but would have loved to be a part of? Collabs, events, jobs, and member updates now come with alerts. If you’re looking for collaborations or jobs in your area, you’ll get notified as soon as one posts.

Exclusive community — We all do business online — but is traditional social media really the best place for that? Facebook and LinkedIn are cluttered with everyone you’ve known since high school. Instagram is a great visual medium, but you can’t search, plan, or collaborate effectively with others. We offer an exclusive community by and for fashion industry professionals. Meet, plan, and showcase your work with the people that really matter for your career.

Our existing members get first access to the new and improved site, but new members can sign up for our public launch this Summer.

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