Hello my name is Fred. I love to eat pizza, go fishing and hanging out with friends. I have had a pretty eventful life as it is already to say at the least. I was born in France in year April 22, 2000. I have only one sibling my sister Mina, and we share our pet cat Kleo. Because that my mother is white and my father is black, so many people would ask if I’m adopted. or not but nope. That wasn’t the case. When I was around the age 4 they got divorced, and we moved to the States. I remember my first couple days in America. It was a lot warmer than usual. It was exciting because it felt like I was in like a whole new world. The day after we arrived, I remember we were going to the pool. I was nervous because I new the kids wouldn’t speak French, but since my mom is American, it was her duty to teach me both French and English while I was growing up. Another thing about me is that I like computers. I built my first “with help of course” when I was in 7th grade. It first started out as just buying a bunch of cheap parts and sticking them into the case then, it built into an actual project. It was so much fun, I just kept wanting to continue with the mechanics. The most interesting part about my life to me, is that more and more events will keep happening to me for the rest of my days.

Here’s me with my friends.

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