Yesterday I was thinking a campaign or movement that would get Limkokwing Fashion Club more attention. I realised that a brand could become viral through correct communication between the client and target audience. The communication can be a photo (that can cause chaos sometimes), some texts (which we will be talking later) or a simple commercial video (like what most of the giant brands are doing now).

The channel of communication can be varied, from radios to televisions, or newspaper, social media and prints. While branding plays the role of tying all these channels together, the message should be prime and most importantly, something unique.

What’s Unique?

I don’t know, I haven’t got it figured out, but there are lots of living campaigns out there on social media. Two of the most successful campaigns (in terms of sparking conversation, not in terms of driving sales) is Nikon’s I AM and Calvin Klein’s I ______ in #mycalvin.

I think the common point of these two campaigns is due to it’s interchangeability or versatility nature. It’s just like what I’ve mentioned in my previous post how versatility is the new branding rule.

There’s no magic in these campaigns, they are companies that knew humans like to share stories of themselves, we just can’t stop talking (admit it). These companies first introduced a text that is able to communicate their brand’s stories.

Image credit to: Tommy Wahyu Utomo via flickr

After that, these companies start to produce shirts or images that are able to add your own name/story inside. See how the companies initiate conversation like a flirting pro.

Talk about flirting pro, in #mycalvin bring it to another level. It’s a little bit sensual, but not sometimes, but still yes, but no uh-hu…but they won the hashtag game by having you think they’re a bit errr…

The hashtag text itself is already great enough to make you feel sexy, don’t believe?

I wiggle wiggling in #mycalvins

I just dont like braging in #mycalvins

I oppss… in #mycalvins

I work in office in #mycalvins

I eat breakfast in #mycalvins


As long as you have a proper message to say to your audience, tell them like you’re sharing a damn great story, but make sure to get your audience to talk about your brand too. Advertising is not a one-man-show.

Now I need you to start thinking, how can we improve this poster to get more nuclear plant’s conversation that is dying?

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