The Walls I Build

I build walls to

seal up any cracks,

anything that could crash down on me.

I build walls

for protection,

because I’m not as

loud and strong

as I show.

I’m actually a mighty


in my kingdom

of Netflix and schoolwork,

good books and food,

plotting to avenge the days

when those who hated

tore my gotten, took my crown.

Broke my pearls.

But I stood up.

Wove my crown from liquid strength

Sunshine pearls and a gown

Made of sweetness and loyalty.

I build walls

for solitude,

to shield myself from future attacks.

One by one, enemies fall.

Fear me when I glare into a fire

and smile contently,

in the home that

I built walls around.

I build walls

to rule

my own little kingdom

that I built, little by little.

Only people I trust with

Secrets are to come in,

and the numbers

are few.

I build walls

because I am a soldier.

My words are

my gunshots,

and I make people

bleed their sins.

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