On Your Way to the Camps, I Just Want You to Know…
Aaron Loeb

Wow! Just wow! The nerve. How dare you? Just, WOW! This is fear mongering to a whole new level.

So, basically according to you if I don’t vote for Hilary I will be responsible in this future of yours? For Muslims going to concentration camps, women being put into jail, and the death of every black man shot by the police. And you are basically trying to say I don’t support the men and women risking their lives to protect the U. S. of A.? That’s what you are saying right? WOW! How dare you?

Well I’ll tell you something. I am Muslim and my roots are from the sub-continent and I will not be voting for Hilary in November and there is no make believe situation that you can present that is going to change that — ever.

How is your scenario that far from the current reality? Muslims are already treated with suspicion, women are already at a disadvantage compare to men (to the point that some Americans simply have a problem with the idea of a woman as president), black already get shot by the police, and a large number of US veterans commit suicide. And this already exists in a world where Hilary has been a “career” politician.

What we need is immediate, drastic, unrealistic, utopian change that shakes democracy to its core. We need to send a message that we will not stand idly by while these atrocities continue to happen. If we vote, we vote to show our protest, we vote to make a mockery of the establishment. Because the USA is already in trouble and we need to take steps to change that and we all need to stand behind that change.

So, no. I will not be voting for Hilary Clinton this election cycle. And I will tell you exactly why. Because I live in the United Kingdom, of Europe. And I am far more concerned about the fact that the kind of people you tried to describe in your piece have already done. The protest voters, the ones against the current status quo, the ones who wanted a change but didn’t know what kind of change they wanted. The people who decided to either abstain from voting or voting in protest, and leave the United Kingdom as a whole to leave the European Union.

I don’t need to worry about make believe scenarios. I have a real one. A real scenario that already plunged the Pound Sterling to a new low, forced a rate reduction, that has stalled the housing market, that caused political instability, that has actually impacted not only our economy but of our trade partners. Jobs have been lost, large tax paying corporations that we want staying in this country are drawing up plans of how and where to re-locate. The long term consequences are still unpredictable.

This is what happens when you chase an ideal instead of trying to achieve the best that reality has to offer. This is what the results of a protest vote looks like. You get a reality that you never wanted or considered, while your ideal disappears further down the horizon. There is wisdom in learning from someone else mistakes.

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