Compile XDAG proxy for Mac intel

How to compile XMRIG2XDAG proxy for Mac intel (to 2020).

2 min readOct 20, 2022


This tutorial is based on Swordlet’s Github documentation ( with some explanations & details for beginners.

Required : Mac intel to 2020 / Mac OS 10.15 or better

Photo : FSOL

1°) Clone XMRig2XDAG sources

Paste that in a macOS Terminal shell prompt :

mkdir github && cd github
git clone

You’ll get something like this :

2°) Build something in /clib

cd xmrig2xdag/clib
cmake .

And then you’ll get this :


And you’ll get :

3°) Final build

cd ../server
go mod tidy
CGO_ENABLED=1 go build

So I’ll get :

Let’s verify what we get :

ls -l
We get it !!!

4°) Proof Of Work

Copy your usual config.json file, already set with settings pool.

Example of content (edit with VSCODE) :

Let’s run it :


Now launch a XMRIG miner (for example from Mac intel).

And ‘Hocus-pocus’ you should get this :

BRAVO ! You did it !!!

Many many thanks to :