React, Facebook, and the Revocable Patent License. Why It’s a Paper 🐯.
Dennis Walsh

Hi Dennis,

Thank you for the very detailed explanation!

Since you asked for examples of patents, I just wanted to bring US20170221242 to your attention (which I found out about thanks to Raul’s post) — it seems to call out React.js by name even.

I also wanted to ask for your opinion on the legal status of GraphQL — in the linked post, Raul makes mention of two other patents (US9646028 and US9400822) which may be related to GraphQL. However, what I’m curious about is the applicability of patents to something like GraphQL in the first place, considering that GraphQL is merely an open (?) spec nowadays (the patents were granted before it was public) that anyone could implement. Would the implications of Facebook holding a patent related to GraphQL mean that revoking these patent grants may essentially block any implementation of GraphQL, regardless of license?