Mount Pleasant Studio doubled the happiness of my wedding with their professional filming services

Wedding is the most important event of any person’s life. Everyone plans for this day for years. Everyone wants everything perfect and unique to make their wedding a symbol or happiness. I had been planning for my wedding event right after my engagement two years back. I wanted everything new, different, unique and high quality. For this purpose, I engaged my friends and family to get different and unique ideas. Till practical arrangements of my wedding, I had a lot of ideas regarding decoration, dress, makeover, least but not last filming of my biggest event.

Everything was important but I was very concerned about filming. First I thought to get a demo photoshoot from well-known photographers in London. It would have given me an exact idea what I actually wanted for my wedding. I consulted my friends to recommend me well-known photographers in London. A friend of mine had gone married few months before my wedding. I consulted her but she warned me to choose someone really professional as she mistakenly hired a non-professional photographer and it ruined her event.

Upon suggestion of one of my cousin, I contacted Mount Pleasant Studio London. The representative of the filming company listened to me patiently and guided me thoroughly what kind of photography services they offer for weddings. The representative of Mount Pleasant Studio shared link of their official website.

Upon going through Mount Pleasant Studio website, I decided to give them a try as I was quiet impressed by their offers and the testimonials I saw of different clients. I was super conscious for my wedding, so I did not risk anything. I wanted to check their studio by my own for pre wedding shoot. For bridal and wedding day shoot, I had to book crew services outside their studio.

The studio of Mount Pleasant is situated in an easily accessible location in London, which was another plus point for me. I saw the studio thoroughly and really got impressed. From every nook and corner, professionalism was evident. I visited the lounge, wardrobe, makeup and changing room. Every place had its own standard and comfort level. I checked the catalogue Mount Pleasant Studio offered. The package offered for all events of my wedding plan seemed quite reasonable as I had expected a very high cost.

I booked my wedding package at Mount Pleasant Studio immediately and started my prep for pre wedding shoot. The pre wedding shoot was all fun and my husband really appreciated my choice of photographing company. The cameras, lightning and crew of Mount Pleasant Studio is marvellous. Everything added to the quality of my wedding photo shoot and made my whole event memorable.

After release of my bridal shower, pre wedding, wedding and post wedding shot many friends and acquaint asked me to share the contact details of my photography service provider. If you are looking for a high quality and professional filming company for any event in London, Mount Pleasant Studio is the best choice available. Call them now on 020 7837 1957 and book your appointment.