Sorry Jezza — The real fight is over

I’ve been sitting on this post for a few weeks, mostly because all I could think of when I first heard Jeremy Corbyn proclaimed that the “real fights starts now”, after him and fellow Labour MPs waved through the train wreck that is the Brexit Bill, was a never-ending string of expletives.

Living in La-La-Land

If ever we needed proof that a large majority of our elected representatives in parliament haven’t even got the slightest clue about life in the real world and Labour needs a “How to be an opposition party 101" refresher course, look no further than the rushed through Brexit Bill and subsequent vote against ALL amendments suggested by the opposition party.

And let me be clear, what I mean when I talk about a reality check. I don’t mean the expense scandal, dodgy dealings, hypocrisy, and general buffoonery that have been a staple of British parliament in the 13 years I’ve called London my home – no I mean being so naive that you keep touching the hot stove again and again in the hope it somehow magically cooled down, just because you hope it did.

I applaud Wes Streeting Labour MP for Ilford North and former NUS president for his passionate piece in the Guardian, sadly its premise is flawed. Because yes, you could have stopped Brexit by growing a pair, and there is still a slim chance. However, if you really think Labour will have any say in whatever comes post-Brexit, you’ll be sourly disappointed.

It’s with a heavy heart…

Seriously, if I had a pound every time I heard a politician start a sentence like that before saying he/she did vote for the Brexit Bill, I’d have enough money for a good drunken night out in town; and the way things are going I’ll need a few of those to make it through the next few months.

At which stage did any of you heavy hearters look at the likes of Theresa (Brexit means Brexit) May or Boris (the buffoon) Johnson and thought, well they’ve been lying through their teeth for longer than I care to remember but I’m sure this time they mean it.

It’s with a heavy heart that I have come to the conclusion that Jezza and Co don’t know what they let themselves in for.

Picture this!

I often use analogies to get my head around abstract concepts, I find it helps get perspective and look beyond the nitty gritty detail and get the bigger picture. So picture this!

You’ve just been given your tenancy agreement by the shifty looking estate agent. As you read through it, a few things strike you as questionable. Plus, there were some minor issues with the flat you just viewed — was that mould behind the entrance? Three of lightbulbs were broken, there was a crack in one of the windows and you are pretty sure the place is yet to have its deep clean.

So what is one to do? Sign the contract, pay the deposit and first months rent in advance, in the hope that it’ll all get sorted once I’ve helped Mr Estate Agent secure his commission? Of course one fucking doesn’t!! One puts ones list of demands and the money on the table and says: “I’ll sign this and you get this money, if you sort out this list of issues!”

But naturally that’s not how Jezza and Co played it. No they’ve signed away any and all possibility to negotiate, for what? Hoping Theresa May is capable of thinking about anyone but herself? Hoping that the Conservatives develop a conscious and empathy overnight?

I really don’t know, but one thing is for sure — The real fight happened last spring, when you failed to make concise pro-EU arguments and when you let vote leave drive around in the £350m NHS bus and not called them out on their BS, when you failed to point out that the referendum result was/is/and always will be advisory. The fight was lost when you stopped being an opposition party worthy of the name.

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