A year of doing and learning as an NGFP fellow

In August 2020 I won the NGFP walkabout award, a prize to support U25 year-olds engage young people with foresight. For this fellowship, I decided to develop experimental foresight methods to engage young people. This meant exploring media forms, formats, occasions and messaging that might make it appealing for young people to participate in imagining the future and that might give them an opportunity to share their perspectives.

The central and (I think) most exciting project of my NGFP fellowship has been TikTok futures, a workshop format I developed to…

How can design methods add a public voice to scientific research questions?

Technological and scientific change will radically transform the world we know. We vote on daily politics but how can we, the public, have the opportunity to shape the technological landscape of the world 50 years from now? What kind of future do we want? Whose future is it? And how do we get there?

Scientific bodies have long been striving to create a culture of public engagement with ideas and directions of scientific researchers. Having a public voice in scientific research helps to maintain public trust in science and ensures accountability, relevance and ethics of the directions that scientific and…

Image: Eric Schummutenmaer

Any scientist will tell you that science is a process of trial and error. Error, however, is rarely rewarded (and often not even admitted to) by the scientific community. This is a result of stagnation in the way that scientific discoveries are made public, with scientific publishing seemingly stuck in a paradigm unaffected by the modern digital age. The current system makes it difficult to publish negative results or failed experiments, often resulting in different labs repeating the same experiments and making the same mistakes. This lack of recognition for the value of failure holds back creative risk-taking in science.

Finn Strivens

Designer and foresight practitioner helping people to imagine and enact their own visions for the future.

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