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We’ve been tracking the release of Apple’s Screen Time product pretty closely — and not just for the obvious reasons. Screen Time, which helps people manage phone addiction, was released with iOS 12 and is now available to iOS users. So far, the reviews have been positive — with many pointing out there is much more for Apple to do. We believe that Apple has an opportunity to do good on a massive scale, and with continued work, Screen Time could be a wonderful tool. …

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Steven Melendez of Fast Company has written a detailed piece on Freedom’s removal from the App Store. We’re glad to see coverage of this issue — and to see the article picked up by MacObserver and CNET’s The Download. Melendez writes:

Users of the Durham, North Carolina, company’s desktop and smartphone apps or browser extensions can choose to block Facebook during business hours, filter out YouTube after dinner, or lock out the entire internet during a busy workday. …

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In the effort to build more humane technology, Apple’s recent inclusion of features to combat smartphone addiction in their mobile operating systems is a major step forward. These features, launched with iOS 12, will provide insights into phone habits, enable fine-grained controls for notifications, and will even allow individuals to self-limit device use.

For years, third-party companies like Freedom have been creating products that give users insight into, and control over their technology use. With Apple developing their own tools, the major players in the smartphone space have legitimized the cause of building for digital wellbeing. …

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We at Freedom, along with many other members of the Digital Wellness community, eagerly watched Apple’s announcements of digital wellbeing features in the upcoming iOS 12 release. For many of us, this marked a validation of years of work — and struggle — in our efforts to make technology more humane and less distracting.

Apple’s initiative involved three feature improvements to iOS: Enhanced Do Not Disturb, more granular control of notifications, and an initiative called Screen Time which allows you to track how much time you spend in applications, and set limitations. …

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CEO, | Making technology less distracting.

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