Happy Mother’s Day — oh and by the way, remember you’re in Canada!

I know I’m probably going to sound like a miserable cow, but bear with me here. After all, I know this day is about happiness and gratitude for homemade cards, flowers, gifts and hashtag blessed Facebook photos.

I admit to struggling to write the words that lie ahead. The ‘positive sunshine’ side of me is forever grateful for being a mum. But these are words of truth I’m sharing — and maybe I’m not alone in this.

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My fave little Montreal side stepper

It’s safe to say that Canadian Mothering Sunday is a difficult one for me! Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful for sharing my life with a lovely Canadian bloke that I met in London pub 16 years ago. I married him and now get to raise two fabulous and cheeky boys, in a beautiful country (well, let’s not mention winter) that strives for a peaceful existence. This, I am wholeheartedly bloody grateful for. …

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Photo by Joshua Ness on Unsplash

Many of us spend more time at work with our co-workers than we do at home with our loved ones. No wonder our workplace environment and co-worker interactions have a significant impact on us.

It’s saddening to read that toxic workplaces are the fifth-leading cause of death in the U.S., according to Stanford University professor Jeffrey Pfeffer, author of Dying for a Paycheck.

This statistic is not only heartbreaking to discover, but is a relatable situation to those who have survived a toxic workspace. …

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It’s easy to get caught in a vicious stress circle. We pour a coffee to cope with a busy schedule, pack in high-intensity exercise activities to ‘burn’ off stress, and when our brain needs a break from work, we reach for our phones and log on to social media to scroll through endless content that asks us to react more. Unknowingly going from one buzz to another, we’re actually adding more stimulation to our load and (drumroll, please)… more stress.

Stress is a reaction to those daily obstacles of change or challenge we are required to leap over. There is no doubt that the stressful dives over many life hurdles have ever left us feeling good. Through a positive lens, stress can be helpful. It makes you alert and gives you the energy to get things done. However, if it becomes chronic or long-term, then stress can lead to severe physical and mental health problems. Managing our stress is something that cannot be taken for granted. …


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