Hello, dear community!

Let`s talk about the last trade of our bots. The deal was closed today and it was profitable. Our users earned almost 4%.

The pair that the bot traded is BTC-BAT.

Let`s take a look at the conditions that our bot logged:

  1. Increase in trading volume during green candlesticks.
  2. RSI was close to the oversold zone on most timeframes.
  3. The resistance level was breached.
  4. Lasting movement near the top Bollinger Band.

These conditions along with some more indicators were considered a strong signal to open this position. As we can see, it worked and now many of you earned nearly 4% in such a short period!

Stay with us for more profits.

Hello, dear community!

We haven`t posted an update for a while so let`s take a look at recent changes on the crypto market.

After several successful months bulls took a break, letting bears drop the total market capitalisation by over $60b from its highest in August.
Bitcoin also dropped to below $10,000, but the support at $9,450 managed to withstand the pressure. Other coins also went through losses. ETH is currently right below $170, which made many lose hope of the price returning above $200. LTC sank by about 13%, and BCH lost 6% of its value.

At the same time, Portugal authority claimed that crypto transactions are tax-free. And the Brazilian bank is going to launch a new crypto payment system. Such announcements should encourage people to use crypto in everyday life.

Hello, dear community!

We are open to new hypotheses and trading techniques. And they emerge almost every day. But since they are new, there isn’t much proof as to whether they are working or were based on very few examples that don’t represent how the market works.

And we want to make sure that every tool that we use is flawless. That’s why we research the efficiency of new techniques on our own. We also test well-known tools such us patterns, trading volume, news background etc. …

Hello, crypto family!

Crypto market is a bit of a mess right now. After a long period of bull domination on the market, bears seem to be recovering. The way situation on the market changed during past 24 hours was quite a shock for many people. Market capitalisation dropped by almost 20 billion dollars. Trading volume dropped by 10 million dollars. Bitcoin dominance on the market also decreased.

Despite hopes that BTC would go about $12,000, it’s price sunk to below $11,000. It didn’t stay there for a long time, quickly recovering to $11,200. But this was enough to shake…

Hello, dear community!

Crypto market capitalisation added a few dozens of billions in just a week. On June 26th, it even was over $386,000,000,000. It is currently estimated to be at around $341,000,000,000. Bitcoin is trading at $12,000 as bulls continue to dominate the market.

Even though China has always been a huge part of the cryptocurrency world, its government was never fond of this market. Surprisingly, it seems to have changed its mind during recent changes in the market. Official information agency of the Chinese government has recently stated that bitcoin is a safe target for investments. …

Hello, dear community!

This week was a really good time in the world of cryptocurrency. Bitcoin reached its new 13 month high. It is now trading at more than $9,500. It faces resistance at a $9,600 level. In case of successful breaching of this level, Bitcoin is likely to surge past $10,000. And this is expected to happen in the next few days or even hours. Total market capitalisation is now more than $300,000,000,000.

Out of most popular cryptocurrencies, Bitcoin is also the closest to its all time high in percentage. It is now 50% down from its peak price…

Hello, dear community!

It has been almost a month since our bots started active trading. They close a few positions every week and almost every single one of them is profitable. Nine positions were closed during the last 2 weeks. And eight of them very successful!

Out of these 8 profitable trades, only one brought less than 1.5% of the profit. The total profit in the last 2 weeks exceeds 14%. The only position that was closed on stop-loss brought 3% of loss. And it was closed during the 2 days that were quite stressful for the cryptocurrency world.


Hello, friends!

Bitcoin managed to go above $9,000. Even though it didn’t stay there, it is still a very significant event as Bitcoin price hadn’t been above this mark since last May. This time we saw that we have enough power to reach $9,000, hopefully, next time we will be able to stay there. During the last few weeks, more and more people are opening positions and investing in cryptocurrency. Such activity makes it even more possible to reach this goal in the nearest future.

And now let’s take a look at the way crypto capitalization changed during last year…

Hi, everyone!

These last 2 weeks were very successful for our bots. All of the trades made by our bots in May were profitable.
And the market still looks like it has a lot of opportunities to earn for us. Crypto market capitalisation continues growing and is currently more than $274 million. Bitcoin is trading at $8,708. And it doesn’t seem that BitCoin wants to change its direction anytime soon. There are some signals that make us believe in the future growth of this currency.

In just 24 hours over 28,000 BTCs were moved the new addresses. Users have noticed…

Hello, dear community!

Do you know what is our favourite topic to talk to you about? It is our achievements and successes. And this is what we are going to talk about today.

For the past over half a year we have been experimenting successfully by constantly configuring our algorithms to match the market situation besides implementing changes that made our algorithms more precise in general. Experiments have shown to be good practice, and the changes helped increase profits while minimising the risk of hitting stop-loss.

There were some periods when are robots stayed in the sleeping mode as the…

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