Become a Professional Trader with Our CryptoAcademy

FTEC offers services that can help users with different trading experience profit by automated trading algorithms or by providing filtered and related information of different kind(news, exchanges, signals etc). But it is also very useful to have an understanding of how trading works and how to make a decision.

One of our modules is specifically targeted at improving skills of our users no matter what their current level of understanding trading is. CryptoAcademy is a service, where you can find tests to check your understanding of different aspects of the cryptomarket, trading, and techniques. They can help you determine what aspect of trading you know the most so that you can rely on your knowledge, and what you need to learn.

We also offer articles and video-lessons on different topics and they were created independently from each other so that you can only choose those that interest you and you feel the need to deepen your knowledge in. The information, that you receive is not a basic theory that anyone can find anywhere. We tried to share the practical experience that the whole team gained over many years. All the tools that you learn are tested and explained in a way so that they can be applied in your everyday trading.

The content of this module is constantly updated. We often add new tests, articles and many useful tips for both beginners and experienced traders.

Do you want to be able to tell where the market is moving, which currency you should hold, how to know when to open short positions and “read between the candlesticks”? Our CryptoAcademy is what you need!