Crypto News

Hello, dear friends. It is time to look at the situation that`s going on in crypto world.

The fact, that cryptocurrencies are volatile will not surprise anyone. But recent weeks caught most people by surprise. The total capitalisation of the market was cut in half in just one month. Many coins dropped about 90% from their ATH. At one point Eth reached 13$ at Coinbase Pro, which was a real shock but the price soon retrieved to 90$ mark which gives us reasons to assume that it was just a mistake.

It`s worth mentioning though that whales are still interested in Eth. If you look back 2 years, the amount of Eth owned by whales was about 5milion. Fast forward to the beginning of this year and this amount reached 11million. But this is still a comparatively small amount when you compare it with the current total of about 20milion. This makes up 20% of the market.

All these facts confuse traders. Some of them think it`s time to give up while others believe it is just a great moment to enter the market.

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