FTEC Monthly Report

Dear FTEC community! This month was very intensive and eventful. Thank everybody for your support during the Token Sale, which finished on July, 18. Sales finished but the development continues! We’re happy to say that during Jule:

  1. We added Hitbtc, HuobiCom, Kraken, and BitStamp recently. Previously, we had Poloniex, BitTrex, Binance, and YObitNet connection.so now our modules can work with 8 exchanges!
  2. Our team launched Telegram Assistant — a program module that allows the trader to interact with the main ecosystem functionality through the Telegram messenger interface. All details are here.
  3. We began the work on Cryptoacademy and made 5 tests for it. All of them are available here: https://ftec.network/modules/cryptoacademy
  4. FTEC token was listed on YoBit! It’s our first exchange. There will be more in time. Be patient we’ll hit bigger exchanges!
  5. We launched Service of Trader’s Behavioral Analysis! You can track all mistakes you made on the market, ask for a full report and become a professional on the crypto market! This module is available on ftec.network

We did a great work and now can surely reach new targets!
Thank you for the support and help you give us!

Official website of the ecosystem: