Service of Trader’s Behavioral Analysis

Hello, dear friends! 
As our testing gets closer to the end, we want to remind you about all the great services that our ecosystem offers. 
Our Service of Trader’s Behavioral Analysis is something they can be useful for both beginners and also professional traders. Our decisions are greatly influenced by our emotions. Sometimes we get nervous and act impulsively. This can lead to unwanted losses and lower profits.

Assistant examines user`s orders on chosen exchanges and analyzes the situation that follows them.
Based on collected data, algorithm conducts a thorough analysis of the trader`s behavioural factor.
Assistant generates interim summary with advice on how to improve the quality of trading decisions that trader will make in the future. Algorithm conducts a thorough analysis of trading psychology to make trades more profitable.

There is a separate summary on potentially lost profit due to wrong and impulsive decisions of the trader.