How did Jignesh Shah become The Target?

India has remained under the British rule for over three centuries therefore we have retained a lot of culture from them. The old offices, the constitution, the type of governance and administrative divide of states and provinces all are inherited from them. However, the business sense seems to have been inherited from The East India Company. This would not have been an easy thing to say until the behind the scene story of Jignesh Shah and NSEL case was disclosed in ‘The Target’.

‘The Target’ is a biographical representation of Jignesh Shah and his journey through the ups and downs of life and FTIL. In some part of the book, Shantanu Guha Ray describes some of the anonymous conversations between people and how power and positions was misused to put Shah under scrutiny.

“A new government is coming, if he continues to remain a free man, he sure will open a Pandora’s Box and seal our fate. We could be in trouble,” the official sounded worried.

“So what do we do?” he asked in the same breath.

There was a deathly silence, probably the person on the other end was plotting.

And then the person answered.

“Get the cops to arrest him somehow and put him in custody. The lock-up will break his spine. Once he is destroyed mentally, a defamed man like him will have no takers ever again. If the cops don’t relent, I will get the CBI to go after them,” the person declared. Who was this person? A top minister, a seasoned bureaucrat?

This conversation summarizes a lot of what happened during the NSEL proceedings and findings. There were superior powers in bureaucracy and government who were adamant on making Jignesh Shah and FTIL fail. Without giving away much of the suspense, here is an excerpt from the book which justifies all that is aforementioned. .

“We have orders to arrest both of you; this order has come right from the top.” “What is top, and who is the person sitting at the top?” Javalgekar asked Shah. No answers were forthcoming.

There are many more such reveals in the the book which would surprise you and bind you until you get the taste of reality.

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