My Bootcamp Experience (Day 2)

Yesterday, the Andela Bootcamp started and I am a part of it. New faces of yesterday are now becoming familiar, now I know some people by their Firstnames, we are all moving along and getting to know each other. I got to the venue early today, still some people got there before me, we all are in business mood.

The class Instructor (Bukky) started the day with the “Food for thought” that she gave us yesterday (I forgot to mention in my post yesterday that we were given food for thought). The Food for thought was “How to share your code”, I was the first person to share my Opinion on the topic at hand. I talked about my findings on the topic, some of which are on collaboration, version control, peer programming and so on; also, I talked about tools and platforms that helps us to share our code, tools like Git and platforms like Github and BitBucket. After about an hour, we all had our turns and several ideas were shared, I really learned a lot during this session as other “Bootcampers” shared their views on the matter. Something funny that happened during the session was that some of the Bootcampers kept on mentioning the “codes” instead of “code”, the instructor will not let it pass, she points out this mistake at every occurrence of it.

The Instructor made an observation that I learned from, she said that many of the opinions that were expressed were on “Why should we share code” which is not the topic we were given to research on, this pointed my attention to why I must pay strict attention to details at every level of my journey at the Bootcamp and onward.

We later moved on to learn about Git and Github and how to use them for effective programming and how that we should make a habit of using them as this could literally save our lives. I was reintroduced to this concept even though I’ve been trying my hands on it.

We later moved on to codecedemy to continue our Ruby programming lessons which I specially find interesting, we did some Labs, on and on we went through the day, so many interesting things happened that I’ll choose not to bore you about.

With the day coming to an end, we were given another food for thought “How to make sure your code works”. Looking forward to tomorrow. Thanks to our Instructor for making the day an exciting one.

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