About procrastination and designers

Side projects, that new portfolio, testing a new product, learning a new style and etc.

Haven’t you already left one these undone or not even ever began? Me too 🙂

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The good news: procrastinating is fairly normal. The problem is that we associate procrastination with laziness instead of trying to understand the reasons behind. Often we judge ourselves and the others. Forgetting that everyone wants to thrive in their personal and work lives.

This is a summary (very summarized) of one the best articles I’ve ever read within the subject, from Devon PriceLaziness does not exist. …

Before you do, consider some things about you and your career

I’m writing this because I got in a funky situation when I handed my letter to HR’s desk. This journey started when I was already 4,5 years in the same company. Was about time for a change, so, I quit. I had a three months notice period (Germany, right?) and I felt confident enough — mainly because I had some interviews and good contacts going on.

A month later, my profile got rejected by the most promising companies I was talking to. …

Filipe Trabbold

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