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Postlight employees in an absolutely unstaged photo just casually playing our game without any prompting from management

Postlight is a company that builds digital platforms and products, and like every firm we like to market ourselves and tell the world how great we are. We gave our marketing a mission, though: It should always help people build their careers.

Humans can only handle so many PowerPoints, so we decided to do something different: We made a card game called “SHIP IT!”—a game of product management.

It’s a simple card game for three to five players, designed to help people talk through the various things that happen when you’re making software. You shuffle the deck and draw cards. Cards can be drivers, blockers, or actions. …

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Illustration by Stephen Carlson

At Postlight we build software for lots of different industries (custom search engines, financial APIs, a birding app for the Audubon society, things like that). This means we hear lots of different people complain about software. That’s my favorite part of the job, because, when you listen to people complain enough, you can extrapolate out what’s actually going on out there in the global software-powered economy.

“We are trying to connect our content to our funnel.”

Here’s what I’ve been hearing:

  • “At least before July the whole focus is getting our actual customers to attend the big conference, but you’d have no idea from the website.”
  • “We swore a solemn oath that we’d never pass around spreadsheets with emails in them. But we’re always passing around spreadsheets with emails in them.” …

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The media paid close attention to #blacklivesmatter, and media accounts used the hashtag in rough proportion to how often it appeared in the larger twittersphere.

At the end of last year Alejandro de Onís, the Director of Digital Strategy and Design at Knight Foundation, reached out to Postlight and asked if we’d like to create a website that showcased the findings of a forthcoming report.

Knight Foundation is a well-established not-for-profit that supports journalism, the arts, and communities — and that continues to serve as a major source of support for the digital news industry. …


Paul Ford

CEO, https://postlight.com, a digital product studio in NYC. Also writer, Medium advisor, programmer. Any port in a storm, especially ports 80 and 443.

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