Scandal in Korea

The Weekly Snack brings you a summary of the top stories in New Zealand and international news.


Since last Thursday, around 650 whales were beached on Farewell Spit. Approximately 300 have died and 250 of those whales have refloated themselves on a high tide as volunteer workers and conservationists have assisted with the rescue.

Also, Prime Minister Bill English has been recently criticized for a lack of clarity on President Trump’s ban over in the U.S of seven Muslim-majority nations. Protests against this executive order took place around New Zealand, including at the Aotea Square in Auckland. The Labour and Green parties however, have been very outspoken about the controversial ban, assuring that Kiwi Muslims will not be treated this way.


Making headlines across the globe this week was the assassination of North Korean dictator, Kim Jong-un’s brother, at a Malaysian airport. The suspects are believed to have been two females, but they have not been found yet.

In the U.S, Trump’s administration has come under fire, yet again, when Betsy DeVos was picked as the Secretary for Education. This was a controversial choice as she is known for being a strong campaigner for the privatization of schools.

In other news, protests against the Grindeanu Cabinet, continue in Romania, after a bill was proposed concerning the pardoning of certain committed crimes.