The ‘not-to-be-missed’ Food + Tech events at SXSW 2017

I cannot wait for SXSW 2017! This year looks to be a big turning point for businesses at the intersection of Food + Technology. If the lineup is any indication, we’re in for some real amazing talks, demos and Food + Tech experiences.

So much is happening at SXSW 2017, its hard to condense it to a short list. But here goes anyway.

Lets start with my own, shameless, self-promotion. :)

I’m speaking on a panel exploring the complex relationship between food, technology and consumer trust with David Rosenberg, Co-Founder of Aerofarms, Melissa Abbott, VP of Culinary Insights at The Hartman Group, and Sue McCloskey, Co-Founder of Fairlife Dairy …

We Love Technology … But Why Not When It Comes to Food?
Mon, March 13 | 2:00PM — 3:00PM | Driskill Ballroom

Then there’s a panel where some of the smartest minds thinking about ‘the future of our kitchens’ with get together to discuss how we reinvent home cooking with smart equipment and services. I’m so jazzed to hear Michael Wolf from NextMarket Insights interview Vivian Barad from IDEO and Lisa Fetterman from Nomiku…

The Smart Kitchen: Cooking Better w/ Technology
Sat, March 11 | 3:30pm — 4:30pm | Driskill Ballroom

Right after The Smart Kitchen panel, you MUST join us at the Food + Tech Startup Spotlight Party!

We’ll feature some amazing companies producing great food & developing innovative products that will revolutionize how we eat. And bonus — tacos & drinks (at the open bar) will be served!

Food + Tech Spotlight Party
Presented by Innovation Center for US Dairy, The New Food Economy & Texas Pete
Sat, March 11th | 6pm — 9pm | Techspace Austin

And I’m super excited to check out these amazing talks about the future of Protein, investing in FoodTech & how Tech can connect people around food:

You also don’t want to miss our friend, and ‘good food pioneer’, Kimbal Musk and his keynote:

Finally, you have to eat, right? So why Reserve your seat for dinners with Jose Andres, Naomi Pomeroy, Aaron Franklin and more!

There’s plenty more to see at SXSW 2017 when it comes to Food + Tech, so if you want to see my adventures, just hop over to Twitter and follow me at @bfrank.

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