How to sing up Hotmail account

What is Outlook (Hotmail)

Outlook is an email platform that years ago was known as Hotmail . This messaging service was developed by the Microsoft company and has been a leader for many years in the email service. Currently known as Outlook, because Microsoft changed the old Hotmail platform, where millions of users had registered and all their messages and files have been moved to the new Outlook. With the number of users Outlook has, Microsoft has been concerned about improving its service; Has created many tools to make it easier for its users to communicate with their contacts.

Several of the services that Outlook e-mail has are dedicated to providing a more intuitive environment and allowing customization to users, such as creating folders for specific emails, sending options and options for messages that are received in the inbox. It allows the total customization of the inbox and several and improves the performance in the upload speed as of upload of files.

This email is also integrated with other Microsoft services as the working platform for Microsoft Office document tools.

The Outlook service is completely free and does not require any kind of payment, has special filters to stop receiving SPAM messages and a folder where unwanted emails are received, allowing a cleaner inbox, free of misleading advertising And other traps used in the network.

How to sing up Hotmail account

“Microsoft Hotmail” is the new way to keep up with your email, instant messaging, “Xbox LIVE”, and other “Microsoft” services, all with an ID on “Windows Live”. In addition, the new “SkyDrive” allows you to access your files in your inbox, through “PCs”, “Macs”, iPads and smartphones. In this article, we’ll show you how to hotmail sign up account step by step.

1. Go to the Hotmail website. In this site you will be given the option to log in, or log in with “Windows Live” and a “Hotmail” address. If you already have a “Windows Live” account, all you need to do is log in, using the blank fields on the right, entering the information you are asked for. If you do not have a “Windows Live” account, click the “Sign Up” button, below.

2. Fill out the registration page. This is where you will decide what your e-mail address will be, entering your personal and security information.

Enter your personal information. Fill out information on how you would like to log in. This is the easy part: name, date of birth and sex. Note: this information does not have to be a fact. However, if you choose to use false information, write it down somewhere so you do not forget.

3. Create an account name. Type a unique name in the Microsoft Account Name field , and select “”. Note: You can use an existing email address, if you want, but for this example we will use a “Hotmail” address Create a password. Use at least 8 characters, uppercase and lowercase. We recommend using numbers for safety. To create a secure password, use 16 characters and include at least one capital letter, as well as number one.

4. Fill in the contact information. In case you lose your password, you must enter at least two methods of contact, including a phone number and email. .You can also select a security question, from the options below. Please note that the answer must be at least 5 characters.

5. I say who you are. Choose any country and your zip code.

6. Make sure you’re not a robot. “Microsoft” will prompt you to enter one of those illegible “Captcha” lines before accepting user agreements and creating your account.

7. According to the terms of service and privacy policy, at the bottom of the page, there are two blue links to “Microsoft”, the terms of service and privacy policy documents. You do not have to read these to create an account, but you will have to agree with them. Click “I Agree” at the bottom of the page to complete the process.

8. Sign in to your email account. Visit the “Hotmail” website again, to access the email account you just created.