Some days define your life. The day my parents took me to my first drive-in movie theater was mine. The film was Star Wars, and it would change my life forever. Once I realized that an artist had the gift of imagination, I found my calling. While I was too young for art or film school, a fire was lit and I would begin my relentless pursuit of creation. As a kid, I enlisted the help of my friends, and together we created crude stop motion shorts.

During this time, I began to understand that one can achieve more with…

When I set out to create our logo, a lot of the inspiration came from our name. We chose Bonfire Studios because the fire is the heart of the tribe, where people come together to form friendships that last a lifetime. It is inclusive — everyone is welcome to share its warmth and tell their tales.

But the logo had to be more than just a fire. The best stories have hardship as well as humor, so I wanted something that was whimsical but still strong. Imagination and creativity are the drivers of our passion, so I hoped the logo…

Nick Carpenter

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