Three Interesting Colleagues I Have Met This Bootcamp

Its day 3 of the ongoing Andela bootcamp and there is no slowing down. The past two days have been hectic and today is not an exception.

In this post I’ll be talking briefly about three interesting colleagues I have met at the ongoing bootcamp. The first person would be Samuel, he was the first person I greeted as I sat down for self-learning-clinic day 0. We spoke about our bootcamp expectations and he pointed out that it was his second time being at bootcamp and he went on to share some of his previous experiences.

Next person is Mohammed, we are in the same group at bootcamp. He’s a real helper I must say, willing to take his time to search for solutions for you if you ask for his assistance, and he is always willing to help.

Finally, Tunji whose name is actually Olatunji but prefers to keep it short. He was one person I saw with a particularly interesting habit, he had a long note with him where he solved the programming challenges we were given before coding them.

I’d add my LFA whom I hope to call a colleague soon. He’s a huge gamer even looking at the back of his Macbook would give you an idea.

Expect more from my Andela experience…#TIA

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