Campsyte: Creating, fostering Communities.

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I read this piece yesterday..


We have some of the smartest people in the Bay area but they happen to be working on shit like this. I would find it very, very difficult to crack* some code next to uhh.. hundreds actually camped out behind me.

I’d like to share some snippets (highlights)from “the dream team” about page which collectively hosts about 40+ years in higher education..

Disclaimer: some of these execs decided not to take that ‘202 — Morality in Startups’ class that seems to book oh so quickly.

Dennis Wong

Co-Founder & CEO

Dennis is passionate about building better cities and communities (hence the pay/hour campsyte next to 5–10 homeless campsites). He led two successful architecture and engineering companies focusing on infrastructure, smart eco-design and feng shui principles (his feng shui is weak af imho). He taught himself web design in his early teens. A graduate of Brown and Stanford, Dennis loves design and tech, and in his spare time starts new companies (that suck).

Niki Choo

Co-Founder & COO

Equipped with a Harvard Masters in Human Development & Psychology and MBA from Ivey School of Business, she likes to think about how/why people act/behave and build a business around it.

The irony of that last sentence is one for the ages. Ive been thinking about this with regards to NIKI for the past 24 hours..

Allen Wong

Co-Founder & CMO

Allen is a creative strategist who thrives in the convergence of digital technology and design thinking. A graduate of UC Berkeley and SJ State, he is trained in architecture and industrial design and has over a decade of marketing experience. You’ll find him preaching lean startup principles, chasing design awards, going to hackathons, and dreaming up new ways to change the world.

Keep doing what you’re doing Allen, you’re halfway there.

I feel proud to live in a city where the best & brightest are working on such issues. Take a bow SV, we are disrupting.

If you happen to know any dream team members please connect them to millennialfuckboy media co — We’d love to have them on our first Millennialfuckboy podcast.

Until next series A..