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Can you Please Introduce yourself to the community?


I’m Leo from Japan I’m Founder of Himegami and shinobi wallet

I started project for raise a revolution.

I’m really happy to face this day with you.

I was advisor in crypto market in Japan.

Majored in organization Theory and the experience based on 5years of total consultants

and 3 years of experience in structured finance and

private equity. Has supporting different Crypto/Blockchain Projects, Asian Brand

Ambassador for 3 years.


Can you please tell us about HimeGami in detail? Also tell us about Shonobi Wallet please?


Himegami Protocol ($ KGR) is middleware DEFI service

KGR is protocol managing algorithmic stable token.

Shinobi wallet is aiming to All In One DeFi Platform

swap, stake, borrow, lend, invest and earn with crypto at ease.

And the Shinobi wallet is going to be DAO on 2022

Stands for bonds and bUKH functions as corporate bonds.

The maximum number of issued sheets is 500,000,000 including sUKH.

bUKH’ dividend is different from sUKH.

Both sUKH and bUKH Specifically, when you own more than 100 bUKH, 1% of the

monthly interest will be distributed at KGR ( during staking ).

You also can acquire the right to advertise in the wallet

and become an advisor of predicting the market (sold at auction).

In addition, there are other services such as: granting iznm tokens by staking,

discounting commissions at the time of exchange depending on the amount of

UKH held.


Partnerships are extremely Important for project to Stay in the competition .

So can you tell us more about your partnerships?


We have three direction for partnerships firstly we have some partners who can help KGR circulate as a algorithmic stable token on Defi. secondly strategic partnership with a focus on collaborating in multiple areas such as NFT’s and marketing support.Last is the use case as Wallet App. we will have good news for everyone soon.

We are just started.


Could you tell us a little more about your background and more about your team as well please?


Our members gathered from 5 regions board member all had their own business but now charge in Himegami

specialist of blockchain specialist of structured finance have successful management strong sales teams

Strong branding knowledge and experience, specialist for Business Development, scholar of organization theory.

successful IPO on three regions

our business are not only as venture blockchain project we are doing by the standards of listed companies voluntarily.


What are long-term benifits of holding $bUKH tokens? Also are there any short term advantages as well? If yes then what are those?


Hold bUKH means will become owner of Shinobi wallet the benefits will depend on our business line we have original strategy with scholar of organization theory for DAO.and bUKh is deflation token.

I know there are not enough document for judge us but we will not issue ownership token anymore I want to make DAO with our early adapter.

Hope you take a look of bukh governance token of Shinobi wallet

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Section 2


Pump and dump schemes are

becoming a major problem in the crypto space especially, Investors hard earned money going down the drain. Could you please tell how you will prevent whales manipulation and make price appreciate and reach for the moon?

From- @Aravind75154890


Our token have real use case and enough distributed to end user

for bUKH I design as governance token of Shinobi the logic is similar to stock.

Our token’s market cap is just the same as our company value in existing finance.

there are no bubble no future expect value.just what we are now.

the mostly I think pump and dump happen in the ambiguous expected value.

We evaluate our value our self and report that every month there are no room to pump it the value is link to real business real sales We do that because we don’t need more market value than our real value but most of project just want rise their value without business because that is easy way to make money lol

I’m a Japanese so I’m not a big-mouth just work steadily


I’ve learned that the rebase time interval of KRG is every 1385 minutes. 1385 minutes s equivalent to approximately 23 hours. Whw is there a 1 hour gap between a full day or your token’s rebase time interval? Is this 1 hour gap has a purpose?



The Himegami protocol rebase system is designed to rebase every 1385 minutes. Some may be curious about this number. Our conclusion came based on the ideas about the system that is fair to the most users. Our method ensures that token holders in a certain time zone are not always receiving a rebase at 3 AM when part of the world is sleeping. This allows all parts of the world to rotate in experiencing a rebase in their peak hours. Thus, allowing a fair opportunity of trading and arbitrage for all time zones.


KGR is a decentralized elastic supply digital currency.Solve market manipulation and. grow the economy of world with new concept, it’s sounds great but can You elaborate. How Can KGR solve Market


From- @piloT9804


KGR is not only elastic supply and also part of collateral token.

We mostly follow existing finance strategy.

We multilaterally make it valuable

almost all decentralized elastic supply token are only focus on one or two problems to solve

So there over 5 logics for KGR here I don’t have enough time to write I will publish the all next month easy-to-understand format


There we see many projects that claims they are fully “Decentralized”But they done their work in a Centralized way. is your project fully Decentralized? Can you please tell us what’s your working method?

From- @blackrose11221


Actually we are centralized at this time work with my my exist team who were my member before this project.

But I will transfer all rights and benefits to holders 2022.


Could you please tell me the ultimate goal of “Himegami Protocol” ? What are your plans to reach out a vast majority of users, both inside and

outside the crypto space ? Are there any community events to attract more members and raise the project’s awareness?

From- @PiloT9804


We are doing not only for inside crypto but also outside. from start the business development is our strong point.

we are aiming to act as a bridge inside crypto but also outside crypto.

So we are doing sales report every month as business company.

And we will make partnership with many outside crypto companies

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Section 3 (Last Section)


What are your security measures adopted from hacking and bugs in smart contract? Will the code be audited by an outsider?Please tell us about your tokenomics, how is the amount of tokens distributed?

A1)bUKH and sUKH is a pair of governance token for Shinobi Wallet. They can exchange each other with fixed rate: 1 sUKH => 1 bUKH and 2 bUKH => 1 sUKH. So the circular supply can be changed but maximum supply can be 500,000,000 tokens

We are been auditing by famous auditor will announce soon


How to become an ambassador on your project? Do you have any plan on building local communities? Specially no English countries?


Of cause we want to building local community as possible as

Feel free to send me the proposal

Also we are happy to be contacted for partnership if who has proposal


Where does the project name came from?

What does it means for you and why did you choose that name?


The name comes from ancient documents of Japan Kojiki

The concept is revolutionize


Almost 3/4 of investors are focused purely on the price of token in short term instead of understanding the real value and health of the project. Could you tell us on motivations and benefits for investors to hold your token in long term?


We hope the investors have good understanding for us

we are publishing our sales and calculate our value by the existing finance formula

As this time our market value almost same as our business value our PER is almost 1

As now is seed stage for us there are easy to expect price growth


What’s the unique side of Your project that can not be found in other project that has been released so far?


The logic of Dao the token relationship bukh and sukh

The profit sharing of wallet sales I think the all are original

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