Generally transplantation of hair is usually done with the hairs on the back of the head where it is plentiful. Sometimes it so happens that the patient does not have enough hair on the head for transplantation purposes. In cases like this it is always possible to transplant body hairs on the head to get the desired results. One thing has to be considered here is that structure and quality of the body hair is similar to the hair on the head. Hair can be taken from the legs, arms, chest, armpits, and back and even in some cases from the face. Even the beard hair can be used in many circumstances. Body hair can be transplanted into the head in areas where the hair is receding or thinning.

Suitability for Body Hair Transplants:

Usually the normal procedure is to take donor hairs from the tonsure that includes hair from the back or sides of the head. If the donor hair is insufficient on the back of the head then the patient cannot go for a normal hair transplant. There could be various reasons for this. It could be either less of normal hair or could be due to an earlier Fue Hair Transplant Cost that makes extraction of more donor hairs from the head almost impossible. If unsuitable donor hair are transplanted it can prove quite disastrous as they cannot compensate for normal hair and at the same time scars will be visible too.

Criteria for evaluating the suitability of Body Hair Transplant

To see the effectiveness of BTH, there is a special technique through which the Torso Donor Index is determined. This is done to assess the donor area for body Hair Transplant Help. There are a few criteria that should be taken into account. The body and head hair should be similar in texture. The size if the donor area and the length of body hair will determine the transplant process. Hair density should be over 40 Fus per cm2. Another important point is the Torso Donor Index should be above 8 for the transplant to be surely successful as such persons have more body hair than head hair. If the TDI is between 5 -7 it is possible to carry out the transplant under specific conditions, but with a TDI of less than 4 is just not possible for BHT.

To conclude we can say that body hair can be transplanted in specific patients. If you select from the different body hair, the chest hair seems the most likely and the long term growth and yield is moderate. As this procedure is not very old the long term outcome of body hair is still to be determined. Another point to consider is that its working is not the same or consistent in all patients. Thus a careful case selection is a must and counseling of the patient is essential. As all this is done surgically the patient needs to be cautioned and counseled before the procedure. Look here more solution about of all kind of hair problems.

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