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Improving the confidence that people have in them is a very important process. If a person looks good, then it will do a world of good to their self- confidence. In this twenty first century people suffer from a large number of health problems and visual defects. And one of the most common defects that among the people is baldness or patch baldness. Covering up baldness is the only way to overcome this defect. Wearing a wig is a remedy but this is not a permanent solution. If the person requires a permanent solution then the only practical remedy is the transplantation of hair.

Foreign medical treatment:

Cost is indeed a very important aspect of hair transplantation. People would certainly get attracted to places where the process is offered at cheaper rates than other places. This is exactly the reason for flow of thousands of people into countries like Turkey and places like Istanbul. These countries emphasises on fields like medical tourism. This facilitates the country to offer cheap treatment to people. Even though the cost of the process is less, the quality is not compromised at all. This is another reason why people find travel long distances just to take treatment. The flight fares and the accommodation costs are also affordable in these countries. This also makes the journey cheap.

Cost plays a major role:

The cost of the process is one of its largest disadvantages. There are two methods which are followed while transplanting, they are strip method and follicular unit method. There are various other methods of transplantation available in the medical field but the methods above are most commonly used. The grafts are the individual clusters of hair which are the main components of the transplantation process.The grafts cost about 5 dollars per graft. The size of the patch to be filled influences the cost to a great extent. The patch which is the size of a fist requires about 1500 grafts of new hair. The person may also to attend the doctor a second time. The second session is advised to those who does not have sufficient hair thickness even after the transplantation.

Health problems and transplantation failure:

Before deciding to take the process, the person must ideally visit a doctor and act according to his or her opinion. A complete health check- up must be done prior to the transplantation. If there are any health problems to the patient ,certain suitable remedial measures must be taken so the health does not become adverse due to surgery process. After the surgery the person must stay away from public contact and preferable must take time away from work. This again results in loss of pay and thus can be considered as an increase in the process cost.

There is also a slender chance for the failure of the transplantation process. This will only be known after about eight to nine months after the surgery. The lack of experience and skill of the surgeon is the main reason that results in such failures. Another reason may be the usage of large hair grafts.

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