The advantages of FUE Hair Transplantation

The FUE hair transplantation is very advantageous. It has many benefits over the strip or the FUT method. The strip method is also carried out but is not used nowadays by many surgeons because during this method visible scars are made on the skin. During the FUE method, there are no visible scars formed due to hair transplantation. The hair transplant goes unnoticed and undetectable. Even after short hairs the scars are barely visible and none can detect a significant hair transplant.

No usage of stiches or Scalpels

Usage of stitches and scalpels is the basis of strip hair transplant. During the strip hair transplant, the stitches and scalpels are primarily used to extract hair from the donor side. But in the FUE technique, the stitches and scalpels are not used ensuring a scar free hair transplant. No major wounds are formed due to FUE technique.

The Donor Area

The donor area is the region from where the follicular units are extracted. The donor area during the FUE technique remains unaffected and unchanged. The Donor area is not affected at all by the follicular extraction. The hairs from the area are precisely removed so that it does not alter the original layout of the donor region.

Restoration of Natural Look

The natural looks are maintained and are not affected at all during the FUE hair transplantation. The hair transplantation goes undetected and no one can feel that the individual has gone through any kind of hair transplantation. It is perhaps one of the main reasons that the FUE hair transplantation is now being adopted by the surgeons.

Natural Hairlines

The natural hairlines give a direct impact on the onlookers. These are the main attractive centre of your hairs. The FUE technique assures the natural hairlines and is very effective in restoring the natural hairlines that will grant you a new and attractive look. The natural hairlines designed after the hair transplantation gives you an attractive and pretty look.

Recovery Time

The recovery time of the FUE hair transplant is about few days. As compared to the strip method in which weeks and months are required for recovery, the FUE technique only requires a few days for the recovery of the transplanted area. It is one the reasons that the FUE technique is used widely and is adopted by most of the patients.

Painless treatment

The FUE technique is a safe and painless treatment. The individuals opting for the FUE technique suffer no pain during the hair transplant. The treatment has no major side effects over the body or around the scalp region. Moreover, there are no extra chemicals used during the FUE hair transplantation technique.

Hair transplantation in Turkey

There are many Hairline Clinics situated in Turkey. There are certified and are very skilful in hair transplantation, Mostly the FUE technique is widely being used. The clinics situated in Istanbul carry out the FUE techniques with extreme care and precaution. Moreover, they offer cost effective hair transplantation.

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