What you should know about beard hair transplantation?

FUE hair transplants are a very popular treatment among people looking to fix hair loss. But very few know that the procedure can be used to have a crisp-looking beard too. As modern techniques go, FUE hair transplant have proven to be one of the most efficient treatments to implant new hair follicles in the human body. The process is not exclusively to your scalp, it can also be done on any body part.

Here are a few facts for your consideration about FUE treatments for beard transplantation:


Harvesting the hair for your new beard requires some preparation. You doctor should go over a design phase with you to think about the proper placement according to the structure of your face. The procedure itself it’s not invasive and it’s usually very painless with very little recovery time.


Once you are set on the design of your new beard you have to make time for the treatment. A FUE bear implant is usually done in a single session, but it takes 7 to 8 hours to complete. Once it’s done a full recovery can be made on 3 months. Around this time there will be glimpses of the first results of the treatment.

Look and feel

If you apply the FUE treatment the hair growing out of your new follicles will have the shape, texture and thickness that a naturaldense beardhas. The procedure it’s not limited to beards only. Mustaches, sideburns and eyebrows can be remade or fixed with the treatment for a more balanced look.

You are your own donor

FUE beard implants are usually harvested from the hair of your scalp. They are taken from you neck in the range of 1 to 10 hairs. That way you won’t be dealing with a bald spot of hair on your scalp after the follicles are taken for the implants.

The reason

While a beard implant might sound frivolous and a play of inconformity with your genes, the fact is that the procedure has deeper appliances beyond the aesthetic fix. Men who have suffered accidents that leave noticeable scars in their faces are the most frequent applicants for the treatment.

Shave and care

After a FUE beard hair transplantation you should not touch your new beard at all. You may notice that you lose a few hairs in the process. Don’t worry about it, after the procedure the new follicles are set on your face and you’ll grow new hair. The time recommended to star caring about your beard is after the 4th month mark. You’ll be able to shave or comb your beard to make it look the way you want.

Even if it’s an easy, quick and painless procedure, you need to tend properly your FUE beard implant. Otherwise the final results might not be as satisfactory as you expect. Make sure you get the right specialists for such a delicate treatment. Always do your research and don’t go cheap for this one.

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