ETHERBOTS — Official New Player Guide

Let’s talk you through how to get started in the most revolutionary game on the blockchain.


  1. A computer or laptop running chrome, brave or firefox.
  2. Metamask extension
Metamask is a super easy way to make transactions on Ethereum.

3. Ether! You’ll need some to buy parts, battle, and pay gas (network fees) for transactions.

First Things First: Metamask

If you’ve never played an Ethereum game before, start here. If you’re a CryptoKitties veteran, feel free to skip this section. Etherbots uses Metamask, an extension which lets your browser interact with the Ethereum blockchain. You’ll need to visit and follow the instructions there. Once you’re done, click the fox icon in the top right of your browser and create a wallet. Remember to save your “seed” (12 words) in a safe place! (Hint: Metamask is currently supported by Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Brave).

If you’re having trouble, our discord is friendly and helpful!

PSST! You can also play Etherbots on mobile with Cipher Browser or Toshi, we’re listed on both! All you need is an Ethereum account, or you can make one in-app.

Sending Transactions — Amount, Gas Limit, Gas Price

Whenever you make a transaction you should see a white box pop up. You can adjust the gas price safely to make your transaction faster or slower, at the cost of making it more expensive (or cheaper). In order to find a good gas price (GWEI), check out ETHGasStation.

To the left, you can see the ‘Amount’ (payment in ETH sent along with your transaction — for instance, the price of the part you might be buying).

You can also see gas limit and the gas price (GWEI).

What is this “gas limit”?

The gas limit will be set by us automatically! It reflects the amount of code that your transaction is allowed to process before it will fail. Any excess gas limit which is unused will be refunded to you, so it’s best to leave it untouched. In Etherbots, the actual gas cost of each transaction is actually lower than the gas limit due to refunds and complicated technical stuff, but it still needs the original gas limit to work! (It just means you’ll spend less in gas than Metamask estimates).

The amount you’re paying is pretty simple. It’s what you’re sending in ETH. Always make sure to read it carefully!


Not to worry! You probably used a really low gas price (gwei). If you want your transaction to confirm faster, simply open up metamask (click on the fox), and click “retry with a higher gas price.” You won’t pay twice if you’re buying a part, or sending in ether for any reason (you’ll just spend a little more gas).

My First Etherbot

Get yourself equipped for battle! Level up, unlock perks, and win valuable prizes.

Etherbots are robots which can be bought, sold, and most importantly battled against each other on the the Ethereum blockchain.

Etherbots are built from four parts: a melee arm, a defence arm, a turret and a body. You fully own every part in your inventory; you can do whatever you like with it. Trade, battle and upgrade it at your leisure.

Each of these parts is an ERC721 token, which can be traded individually, or mixed-and-matched to make over millions of unique robots.

Let’s talk you through purchasing your very first battle-ready bot!

Get your Starter Pack to get battling, and win rewards!

We’ve made it super easy you. Just head to our starter pack page — it automatically collects some of the cheapest parts and displays them as a Robot! Feel free to browse through a few and make your favourite. Once you’re ready, buy any parts you fancy (you’ll need one of each type to battle, though).

Pfft. I want a GOLD Etherbot!

You’ll need to head to the marketplace for that.

MARKETPLACE — Buying and Selling Parts

  1. Head over to the marketplace. It will look like this!

2. Select a part! If you just want to get into the arena and start battling, sort by cheapest and get one part of each type: melee, body, turret and defence.

Click ‘BUY NOW’ to purchase a part. A notification will popup in metamask, and you’ll be able to review and confirm your transaction.

3. Click ‘buy now’. A metamask transaction popup will show, and you’ll have the option to review the transaction before you submit it! The game will show a loader while you’re waiting, but you don’t have to stick around — feel free to browse other parts of the website, or buy more parts. It won’t affect the transaction and your part will still show up in your inventory once the transaction confirms!

Sometimes the notification won’t pop up automatically — metamask can be a bit buggy! Simply click on the fox/browser extension to see any pending transactions.

IMPORTANT: This transaction will take a varying amount of time depending on what gas price (gwei) you used! A high gwei (>10) will generally confirm in under one minute. If there’s high demand for parts, someone else’s transaction to purchase a part may confirm before yours! If this happens, you won’t lose any of the ETH you purchased it with, just a small amount of gas.

Once the transaction completes, the part will appear in your inventory — safe and sound.

Once you’ve got all four parts, let’s head to the arena, smash some bots, and forge some parts!

THE ARENA: Fighting Hard and Cashing Shards

You can either choose to attack or defend.

The attacking fee is is 0.001 ether, while the Defending fee is 0.0005 — the difference compensating for the slight increase in gas the defender has to pay to compute the battle.


  1. Go to the arena using the navigation bar at the top (or head to
  2. Choose an Etherbot Defender you think looks the least threatening and attack it! You’ll have to pick 5 moves, out of each of your parts, and then click ‘Send Attack’. (Try to pick moves which counter the strengths of the defender — for instance, if they have a perk bonus which benefits their attack arm, and that arm is golden, defending frequently might be a good strategy. Or they might be bluffing. Who knows ;-)
  3. Once you’ve submitted your moves, the defender has an hour to reveal their moves! Go and attack someone else. You’ll get a notification when they reveal their moves which will take you straight to watch the fight.
  4. You’ll always be able to find your attackers at, and we’ll give you a notification after the defender has revealed their moves so you can watch the battle instantly! It’s as simple as that.
  5. Collect your rewards!
View your attackers!


  1. This time, go to ‘defend’ instead of ‘attack’ in You’ll have to enter your moves, and ALSO choose a password. This is because your moves will be encrypted (because the blockchain is public!) This means no sneaky attackers can see your moves.
  2. Wait! You should usually be attacked within a few minutes ;)
  3. Once you’ve been attacked, we’ll notify you in game, or you can check by browsing Reveal the exact moves and secret password you used to set up the match, and then watch the outcome!
  4. Collect your rewards!


Perks and experience. What are they?!

Every time you battle, you’ll earn two forms of experience: experience which permanently stays on the parts you fought with, and experience which permanently stays with your account.

Both of these increase your damage in a battle. However, your account experience also unlocks new perks for free every two levels. Each perk improves your damage in the related area by 5% — so if you choose the offensive perk, every attack or turret move you make will be 5% more damaging. If you choose the defensive starter perk, the other way round is true. As you go further down the tree, the perks become more specialised and powerful.

There’s a special, surprise reward for the first people to unlock every perk and prestige. It’s insanely cool.


At any time in the game you can scrap an item for 350 shards. Once you have 500 shards, you can redeem them to receive a crate with a guaranteed part, which could be shadow, gold, or even a limited time exclusive item.

If you have any questions, our discord is the best place to ask them.

What are you waiting for? Get collecting, trading, fighting, or all three!

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