Why Capitalism is Just Shitbag Science
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

This is pure bullshit, talking about what “pure capitalism” would be like and saying…

There would be constant violence as those at the bottom drown each other, gulping for air. We’d be seeing armed security employed in the sad work of mowing down the dispossessed. Children would be selling themselves on the street for bread and shelter. Grandparents would be swallowing the last of their pills to spare their children the extra mouth to feed.

… and this is what’s happening in Venezuela nowadays, a “pure socialist” country, so if you want to see what your idea of pure capitalism is, go and live in a pure socialist country, not just visit it, live there, like a year or two, and get back to us.

Is very easy to talk shit about an economic or political system from the comfort of your house in Pennsylvania, writing from a starbucks in your mac book pro.

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