adds a minimum £2.99 service charge to all orders.

Why are Boilerjuice charging £3 for processing my order?

Boilerjuice recently announced they would add a minimum £2.99 service charge, a charge that actually increases the more you order. This seems to be a steer from the new CEO as boilerjuice realise that most people only look at the price per litre, so it’s best to show a cheaper initial price, then add in the service charge. This allows boilerjuice to reduce their PPL cost shown by around 0.6p.

Always check the total price for the order

When using a price comparison website like always check the total price for your order. Some suppliers simply state a price per litre then add a delivery charge for non-economy deliveries.

Boilerjuice and distributors in fall out

Another reason for the change is that boilerjuice and fuel distributors have been going through a rocky patch in terms of their relationship. This coupled with the seasonal cold snap has meant many suppliers no longer giving favourable pricing to boilerjuice and some not giving pricing at all. This left boilerjuice unable to fulfil orders in the run up to Christmas.

Local suppliers are still beating boilerjuice on price

Analysis of the prices returned from consistently show that local suppliers beat boilerjuice on price. So why not head over to now and get a no obligation, no commission quote and see for yourself. Remember, with you only deal directly with the suppliers.